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Why you should immediately make a switch to Millets?

The world around us has changed significantly and with that change comes a change in our lifestyle. For some of us, life has gone from being on our toes to being subjected to house arrests and lockdowns. With each passing day, our lives become sedentary and inactive. This realization has prompted many of us to make small minuscule changes to our daily routines like exercising at home, improving and balancing our diets, and more!

And what better way to balance your diet than to add millets to your daily platter! Millets are considered to be one of the first human foods and first cultivated domestic grain. Although its substitute presumably dominate the market, Millets still stand as the sixth most vital cereal grain in the world and support more than one-third of the world’s population.

 A study published in The New England Journal Of Medicine says India has the world’s highest number of obese children (14.4 million) after China (15.3 million). Keeping this in mind, millets, gluten-free in nature can prove efficient to curb the growing problem of obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.

As per a study by the Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry, Millets are also a source of antioxidants, hence they help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Khader Valli also known as the Millet Man of India is an independent scientist who has been working effortlessly for the past 20 years to promote the consumption of millets in India. According to him, before the green revolution, millets comprised up to 40% of grain production in the country.

With this in mind, Bliss Tree wants people to get the pure, joyful benefits of consuming this superfood and reap the benefits of healthy living!

If you still aren’t on board to include millets in your next meal plan, then here are some benefits and incentives to make this a staple in your home.


  1. Aids Weight Loss

Millets have a low-calorie count compared to its substitutes while providing the same, if not more amount of nutritional value. The grain has a concentration of magnesium, fiber, bioactive compounds, and other minerals and vitamins necessary for a balanced diet that induces steady and healthy weight loss.


  1. Your Heart’s Friend

Antioxidants like flavonoids, anthocyanidins, tannins, lignans are present in sufficient quantities to lower the cholesterol level in your body and to ensure the proper functioning of blood vessels, preventing any blood clots and protecting the heart against cardiovascular diseases and possibilities of a stroke.


  1. Helps Digestion

Millets have loads of fibers, protein, and other catalysts like iron, calcium, and zinc that help in the smooth digestion of food preventing flatulence, constipation, cramping, and bloating.


  1. Safety Against Cancer

Millets like meadow grass and proso are proven by analysis to be effective in inhibiting the expansion of cancerous cells in varied tissues. The Phytochemicals in millets exhibit antiproliferative effects and lower formation of cancer cells within the colon, breast, and liver while not inflicting any damages to traditional cells.

The insoluble fiber in millet is understood as a “prebiotic,” which implies it supports sensible microorganisms in your gastrointestinal system. This kind of fiber is additionally necessary for adding bulk to stools, which helps keep you regular and reduces your risk of carcinoma.


  1. Compliments a gluten-free meal

 Gluten is present in wheat and rye, among many other grains, and is a type of protein. The presence of this protein in common everyday foods like barley and wheat makes meal plans and grocery shopping difficult for people with celiac disease, more frequently known as gluten intolerance.

The consumption of gluten in such cases can lead to serious digestive problems and nutrient malabsorption.

This is where millets come to the rescue, providing the same health benefits as the aforementioned grains without the danger of gluten.


  1. Quickens the healing and cleansing of the Body

 The phosphorus content of millet supports the formation of cells, tissues, and bones, serving to the body repair itself – phosphorus is additionally a key element in system structures. Millet contains various catechins like quercetin that boost liver and urinary organ operations. These organs square measure essential for the detoxification of the body.


  1. May help contain Asthma

 A paper by the Indian Institute Of Millet Research found that the high magnesium levels in pearl millets help reduce migraines and alleviate breathing problems in patients with asthma.


  1. Helps farmers

 Not only do millets benefit us, but they also help the farmers. Millets can grow in areas with less than 350mm of rain and don’t take more than 100 days to cultivate. This gives a safety net to our farmers in times of climate change and even if the monsoon fails, they can still rely on some output and return on their cultivation.

Hence the consumption of Millets supports us as well as our hardworking farmers, in turn boosting the agricultural economy of our country. By purchasing your superfood from Bliss Tree you ensure that marginal farmers have a chance at sustainable livelihood and promote natural farming methods.

We have partnered and registered with NGOs like DHAN, SEED, and Thulir Trust with the sole aim to give back to the environment and nature.

With the newfound benefits of the golden grain, Bliss Tree provides a variety of millets for its consumers:

  1. Millet Grains
  2. Millet Flours
  3. Millet Vermicelli
  4. Millet Instant Mixes
  5. Millet Cookies
  6. Millet Snacks

We aim towards promoting sustainable living to the public and it stands to be the only company in Tamil Nadu to have manufactured the largest millets under Grains and Ready To Eat/Cook categories.

Including millets in your diet will be one of the best decisions you will make when it comes to your lifestyle and physical fitness! Since the company believes and aims for a happy and healthy planet and people, its products have no preservatives and additives.

We hope this blog inspired you and enlightened you on the benefits of the ‘ancient grain of India’

By Heta Pandya


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