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One of the most prominent oils among health food aficionados in today's time are the different ranges of cold pressed oils. These cold pressed oils are made by grinding nuts and seeds into a fine paste. Then an oil stone or other natural methods are used to press the paste from which the oil separates. This oil extraction process is a natural way to retain healthy antioxidants in the oil that are otherwise damaged by refining methods. 

On the contrary, the other variants of oil such as the hot pressed oils undergo various processes like oxidation, bleaching, steaming, distillation and hydrogenation wherein the seeds are exposed to extremely high temperatures to get clear bland oil. These oils are infused with chemicals to increase the shelf life which in turn affects the flavor, aroma and strips the oil of all its nutritive values. As we know highly refined oils are less nourishing for human consumption, we soon aimed at starting our own range of cold pressed oils which are extra virgin in grade. Extra Virgin refers to the process wherein the oil hasn’t gone through any extreme heat conditions, is chemical free in nature and has no odour. Thus high quality compared to regular oils and is ideal for cooking and salad dressing. 

At Bliss Tree we bring you these holy grail cold pressed extra virgin oils in the variants of CoconutPeanut and Sesame. Among the many reasons why cold pressed oils deserve a place in our kitchen rack one of the most worthwhile reasons would be the plethora of health benefits it has to offer which makes it ideal for cooking. 

Bliss Tree’s Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Oils have lower smoke point which is safe for deep frying especially when it comes to Indian dishes as it ranges between 120-150 degree celsius. The smoke point of cold pressed coconut oil, peanut oil and sesame oil ranges between 160-180 degree celsius whereas that of industrially refined oil is somewhere around 230-250 degree celsius. This is a clear indicator as to why Cold Pressed Oils are highly recommended among industry experts.

Every oil has its own nutrient profile as different varieties offer different benefits and possess key roles to play in terms of health. The best way to derive these benefits is to use a combination of oils depending on the foods that are consumed. One of such oils is Bliss Tree’s Cold Pressed Sesame Oil which is ideal to cook Idli Podi and other South Indian variants. Sesame oil helps in absorption of Vitamin E, is an effective antioxidant, antifungal and is rich in Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and has other nutritional properties. It has a strong taste and is used in small amounts while cooking. 

The other variant is Bliss Trees Cold Pressed Coconut oil – Our cold pressed coconut oil retains cocositol to a significantly greater extent when compared to the industrial method and its tropical taste gives a unique twist to dishes when used for cooking.

Last but not the least is the humble Peanut oil from Bliss Tree’s Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Oil range, sun dried ground nuts which are an excellent source of vitamins, helps in reducing heart disease and are rich in antioxidants. 

From a health perspective, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oils are a clear winner as it takes the health industry by storm. At Bliss Tree pick the one which is right for you and your family.

By Heta Pandya


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